How do I Waterproof My Boots?

Suade military boots are susceptible to stains and water damage one way to protect this is to use a waterproof spray protector which can make your brew it's waterproof and Stanley pallet of the product 3M Scotchgard is not recommended for use on suede boots because it is a cleaning agent designed for specific items such as carpet floors fabric upholstery it is not designed for weather what is recommended is a product by Keewee called Kiwi sweet protector it comes in a in a small spray can and should be applied prior to any type of exposure to water or wet stains applying this product to your footwear consists of a few simple steps the first step is to ensure you're the surface of your tooth is this clean since this product will place a Nother a protective layer on top of the surf use a suede cleaner to clean the surface which consists of a brush and Spot cleaner for any costs that you may have her step two once the surface of the Buddhist clean find a welcome and related criteria to spray your boots you may want to layer the floor with some old newspaper.

Next spray Toodys spray a light coat of product on the surface of the beer making sure to cover all know your boots are protected from water and what stains you'll find it any type of moisture or water should be off the big one note of mention is that this product will generally slightly dark in the color of this way over time it will not be apparent upon application initially but will affect the color over time areas evenly without over applying the product so that drips her you don't want to wait about 20 minutes before you apply another coat apply to more coats and let dry overnight

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