Blackhawk is one of the top choices for tactical gear by military and law enforcement professionals worldwide. Created by a former Navy SEAL, Mike Noell, Blackhawk Tactical has been producing top quality gear and equipment to military and law enforcement members since 1993. The basis for his company started when Mike Noell realized his issued military pack and other equipment just wasn't holding up in the field. His business started in his garage improving the quality and design of military packs and Blackhawk Tactical was born. Almost 20 years later, Blackhawk produces everything from footwear, flashlights, knives and other combat gear to many military and tactical forces all over the world, including some of the same buddies he served with in the military. They have a long tradition of manufacturing high quality products for U.S. military soldiers as a result of using their modernly designed equipment that comes out of their research and development facility. They are headquartered in Norfolk, VA and Mike Noell still takes an active role in the design and testing of all the equipment his company produces.

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