Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport BootBates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport BootBates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport BootBates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot

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Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
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Sorry. This item has been discontinued.

This item has been replaced with:
Bates E03180 Men's Tactical Sport 2 Side Zip Black Boot

Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot
Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot

Product Description

Bates is the number one footwear choice for many tactical professionals worldwide. Whether you're on patrol duty or training for close quarter combat, the Bates E02261 Men's 8in Side Zipper Hot Weather Black Tactical Sport Boot will keep you performing at your limit. For personnel looking for the added convenience of a side zipper, this athletically inclined to is ideal for professionals looking for a lightweight high-performance boot for physical activity. This boot features an oil and dirt resistant Wolverine Warrior Leather upper and tough denier tear-resistant nylon to make this one tough boot that's ready to take on situation. The boot is ideal for hot weather applications and features an extremely breathable mesh lining to keep your feet cool at all times. A slip resistant outsole ensures optimal grip on both smooth and uneven surfaces. The Bates Tactical Sport line comes at an excellent value for an entry-level tactical boot.

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Men's Lightweight Side Zip Hot Weather 8 inch Black Tactical Boot
- Tough instep side zipper for quick entry and removal
- Dirt, oil and water resistant Wolverine Warrior Leather upper
- 1680 denier abrasion resistant nylon
- Highly breathable mesh upper to keep you cool and comfortable
- Removable, perforated EVA/foam insole
- Oil and Slip Resistant Outsole

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Best Boots for the Money

By Donald Johnson from Moyock, NC on Oct 9, 2018

Durable, light, and comfortable. I'm on my third pair. I wear these for patrol duty. Definitely the best boots for the money!

Good Boots

By James Cunningham from Houston, TX on Aug 2, 2016

I bought these for my job as an EMT. They are perfect. Can't complain, good boots, true sizing. I do a lot of kneeling and squatting for my job and these boots support the ankle without being too restrictive. Good boots.

Excellent Boot but not waterproof

By George Thomas from Johnstown, PA on Jun 14, 2016

Great comfortable boots. I use them in 90+ degree weather with no problems. Good value for the money. Just keep in mind they are not waterproof. I can't complain.

My "Go To" Boot

By Wesley from Atlanta, GA on Mar 24, 2016

I am on my 5th pair of these Bates Ultra Lites spanning several years. I'm a trucker and wear these all day pretty much except when I sleep. They are super comfortable and handle any type of crawling and climbing well which are daily things I do in my job.

Great Boots

By Simmy from Philadelphia, PA on Jan 5, 2016

These fit true to size. Easy to break in and took them to Army boot camp. Never had a problem.

Nothing But Bates For Me

By Rob B. from Dayton, OH on Dec 21, 2015

The 2250 is a typical Bates product that I'm used to. Very comfortable. Virtually no break in.I've broke legs and ankles over the years. I'm 55 and have all kinds of screws and plates in my knees and ankles. Bates are the only brand I can wear. Others give me problems and pain. Trust me, I've tried them all and nothing beats Bates for me.

Love these boots

By Don Timberlake from San Diego, CA on Jun 25, 2015

I love these boots. Very comfortable. These are way lighter than most boots I've had in the past. It must be new lighter materials. What's surprising is that comfort isnt compromised. I've been wearing these for 3 weeks now and I can't get over how light they are. The only thing is they're a little hard to take off. I should have bought the zipper version. They did run true to size.

Like an athletic shoe

By Freddy H. from Charleston, SC on Feb 13, 2015

Great fit. Loosened up a bit after a day of wearing. No blisters of hot spots. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a boot that wears like an athletic shoe. Light, durable, reasonably priced. Whats not to like?

Made in China

By James Oelhson from Ledyard, CT on Dec 2, 2014

I've been wearing Bates for over 10 years now, starting with my time in the military. Unfortunately, I have to say the quality has gone down. These E02250s are made in China so its no wonder why. They're lightweight and not uncomfortable but after 4 months, the stitching that attached the sole to the leather is starting to come apart. I'd guess that other manufacturers have gone this way as well as everything is made in China these days.

Great Boots

By Travis from Hernando Beach, FL on Aug 28, 2014

Very comfortable to wear in hot weather. I live in the south and the last thing you want is to be sweating in your boots in 100+ degree weather. Even for all day wearing these (9 hrs+) my feet are still cool and dry. The only slight complaint was the color of the desert tan was off. It was a brighter tan than the image.

Very Comfortable

By J. Alexander from Holtwood PA on May 17, 2014

Love these boots. I ordered my tennis shoe size and they fit great. Very comfortable

Lousy boots

By J. Alexander from Dayton, OH on Jan 14, 2014

I had high hopes for these boots as most of the guys at work (I work in a prison) wear Bates. Maybe I chose the wrong model. The stitching started coming apart after 3 months. Junk!

Durable boots at good price

By Perry Smith from Columbus, OH on Jun 1, 2013

These boots are well-made and pretty durable for the money so far. I've had them for about three weeks on the worksite and had no problems with them. I've recommended them to a few other coworkers and friends.

worked out great

By Mike R. from Fairfax, VA on Apr 9, 2013

this boot worked out great. i was a little hesitant to buy boots over the internet the sizing problems and everything but these bates boots worked out perfect i will definitely buy another pair as a backup in the fall so i can rotate between two different sets of boots when winter comes.

Good Traction Outdoor Boot

By Tim Foster from Colorado Springs, CO on Nov 14, 2012

These boots were exactly what I needed for hunting on the weekends. They were priced right and pretty durable. I've had no problems and I hike through rocky inclines and declines regularly. The sole pattern is pretty well suited for my area here in Montana. I ordered extra wide which makes them more comfortable when you've got them on all day.

My husband says thumbs up

By Sue Lively from Denver, CO/span> on Nov 3, 2012

I picked up a pair of keys for my husband who was in the Army after reading a lot of reviews online and deciding on this Bates model. So far my husband says he really likes them and had no problems with them so far it's been about two months and I'm very satisfied with these.

Terrible ankle support

By Daniel P. from Biluxi, MS on Sep 24, 2012

I bought these boots and they are sized a little large. If I were to order them again I'd definitely go a half size smaller. I like the lightweight quality of these and they look pretty cool too. My primary complaint or ankle support. It's absolutely terrible. Maybe that's because they're too stiff and kind of restrictive. ive owned Rocky trainers and Nike boots in the past and movement has never been a problem with those two models. Maybe these boots will loosen up after they get broken but for now they are slightly aggravating an old ankle injury I have.

Lasted for 2 years

By Patrick Smelt from Salt Lake, UT on Aug 19, 2012

I bought these for work at my job in a machine shop. They been great boots and I've had them for over two years. I really couldn't ask for a more comfortable work boot. I remember they broke in really fast and I never got any blisters or Problems with these ever. the only reason I'm buying another pair because these have gotten greasy and dirty looking in my work environment. They kept my feet cool in the summer months and in the wintertime I just doubled up my socks and they worked great as well. The only thing is I wish I would've waterproof these were put some Scotchgard so they wouldn't have gotten so dirty. Other than that they are excellent boots.

Lightweight Boots

By Kerry R. from Kissimee, FL on Aug 9, 2012

Great lightweight boots for hiking. I have had no problems losing traction on uphills and down hills on rocks and slippery surfaces. Very happy with these and the price was reasonable.

Proven in Afghanistan

By Bud from Tennessee on July 12, 2012

My wife bought me these boots for my deployment. Worked great in Afghanistan. The other quality that makes this a great boot is the light weight nature. I was really surprised after picking these up right out-of-the-box. I think these are lighter than my running shoes. The extended patrols and rucks werent a problem. They held up well for almost a year. Hope this review was helpful.

Perfect Duty Boots

By Paul Franco from Reno, NV on July 1, 2012

These are great boots for anyone in the law enforcement or the EMT profession. I work at a correctional facility in Nevada and been wearing these Bates Lites for about two years now. These boots required minimal break-in but I did have a little bit of soreness during the first week wearing these. My boots are still going strong and holding up together great. I don't do a whole lot of maintenance but I will throw on some shoe polish on the smooth leather parts of the boot. They hold a shine and has served me well. Very impressed that Bates can produce a boot like this for the money.

Great Hiking Boots

By Ben Russo from Lake Tahoe, CA on May 12, 2012

I had my bates lites for about a year now and I use them for weekend excursions in the woods. I go through a lot of boots and I've tried most of the popular brands. I prefer combat boots to the more expensive hiking boots on the market. I like these because they are lightweight and offer a reasonable amount of ankle support which I need. The build quality is pretty good for a boot under $100. They are made in China but you really can't expect a pair of handmade boots made in America for that price. I'll definitely buy them again when these wear out.