Belleville Boots

Review of the Belleville 333 Sabre Desert Hybrid Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: How athletic and aggressive do you want to be? The comfortable Belleville 333 Sabre Hot Weather Hybrid Assault Boot has you covered for high performance and toughness in the most hostile conditions. You can train, march, ascend or descend with ease rugged terrains. This boot provides lightweight toughness, stability and support to keep you mobile in any environment. Army combat uniform approved, the great-looking 333 Sabre is virtually impervious to shock and burn while keeping your feet protected and ventilated. Designed for the mountains of Afghanistan, these boots have the traction to keep you climbing up a mountain or to keep you from sliding down one.

The Belleville 333 SABRE boot provides lightweight durability in rugged terrain, making sure you maintain your footing, stay comfortable and keep out the elements and the debris that can come with the territory. It also keeps you cool when the weather is brutal. You can go on missions all day in the most punishing environments and remain pain-free, wetness-free and disease-free, thanks to this amazing footwear.

KEY FEATURES: The 333 SABRE has a suede upper of full-grain cowhide that is attached to a breathable nylon Cordura fabric shell. It resists scraping, cutting and ripping, while keeping your feet feeling good. The upper is double-stitched for maximum strength and reinforcement. The heel kicker stops you from sliding down a hill and keeps you moving on the right path. Two instep vents provide temperature control and circulation, while the Aegis lining keeps out fungi and bacteria to prevent disease and odor. The gusseted tongue protects you in grimy, sandy and stony places. The padded tongue and collar ensure climbing comfort. Speed lacing lets you adjust the fit and stay comfortable in the field.

The removable midsole is made of soft, shock-absorbent polyurethane. It’s designed for compression for better comfort and longer wear. Vibram, said to be the Mercedes of military outsoles, gives you the ultimate protection to overcome the most treacherous terrain in any military mission. The aggressive Ibex lug design has sharp corners for digging into anything from soft terrain to rocks and tree branches. It gives you excellent traction anywhere, including in missions where rope rappelling and crawling are part of the action. The outsole’s rappelling bars extend the wear of the outsole, so your boots last longer. The compression-molded, shock-absorbing rubber insole with dual density on the heel and ball of the foot provides shock attenuation your knees and ankles, making you less prone to injury on the mission. The low-profile sole reduces the weight and improves mobility.

TRYING THESE ON: Typically, Belleville boots are about ˝ to 1 full size larger than the shoe size you would select for a running shoe or dress shoe, depending on the kind of boot (hot weather vs. waterproof/insulated). Most people find that Belleville’s hot weather boots run about one size larger than their normal shoe size, but boots that have a GORE-TEX bootie may require choosing a half size smaller than your normal size for a proper fit. If you wear the kind of sock you would typically wear for combat or other applications when you try them on, you should get a good idea of how they fit. Then lace them up, walk around for a few minutes and check the length and width for snug fit.

OVERALL: The American-made Belleville 333 SABRE boot provides lightweight toughness in rugged terrain. With its aggressive styling and other special features, including the exclusive Vibram® Ibex outsole, the 333 SABRE boot is built to provide stability and support anywhere, even under the most treacherous conditions. Made of high quality materials, well designed and well manufactured, the 333 SABRE boots are a good example of why Belleville has been the first choice of military, police and manufacturing personnel for 100 years.

People recommend the 333 SABRE boots for use in sand and other harsh environments. They especially like the soft, shock-resistant polyurethane midsole and exclusive low profile outsole designed for improved mobility and maximized traction in rugged terrain, as well as the deeply serrated toe and heel bumper that are helpful in vertical climbing and crawling. Users describe the boots as flexible, comfortable and durable. They especially like the vents for increased breathability and drainage to keep the boots fresh and waterless and the cool mesh quick-drying and moisture-wicking lining.

You can dare to repair these boots by getting them resoled at a local shoe repair shop. Minimal maintenance -- such as brushing the boots with a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt, cleaning the nylon fabric with a soft brush with warm water and a mild detergent and air drying them -- will make them your favorite go-to boots for several seasons.