Belleville Boots

Review of the Belleville 700 Waterproof Black Duty Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: When you need the maximum protection for cold, wet, rainy conditions, there is just nothing like the Belleville 700V cold-weather boot. Made by one of the most trusted companies in military footwear, the 700V keeps you warm, dry and as comfortable as possible on long night patrol shifts in cold, damp, dark conditions. The breathable-to-air GORE-TEX® fabric bootie keeps water and contaminants away from your feet while allowing moisture vapor to escape, and the gusseted tongue keeps you dry, even in 5 inches of standing water.

Combining the protection of a combat boot with the comfort of a running shoe, Belleville uses the VANGUARD® running shoe sole to keep you on your feet for hours. The boots have lots of cushioning on the inside and lots of traction on the bottom. These shiny black full-grain cowhide leather and nylon boots also look great. One of the best values on the market for an American-made, waterproof, tough-duty boot, this footwear will last for years with proper care.

KEY FEATURES: From top to bottom, these cold-weather Belleville boots, which weigh 2.1 pounds (33.5 ounces), have you covered. The upper is made of high-quality, full-grain black cowhide that buffs to a beautiful shine for a great look with your uniform, along with Cordura® ballistic nylon that resists scuffing and tearing when your assignments put you in very difficult places. The lace-to-toe design has an extra eyelet for a more customizable fit. The extra tension over your toes enhances your coordination when approaching something in a technical situation.

The GORE-TEX Fabric Bootie allows sweat to escape while eliminating penetration by water and contaminants like petroleum, oils and lubricants. This breathable barrier wicks moisture to the outside, almost as if you were putting your foot into a plastic bag. The removable polyurethane midsole is moderately padded and high compression for maximum comfort and durability, attenuating shock from the heel. The standard insert can be replaced easily by a custom orthotic with additional padding.

The VIBRAM Sierra outsole is designed to overcome the unpredictable. Its multidirectional lug design gives you excellent stopping power in all directions, making it ideal for any terrain from smooth surfaces to rocky inclines. It offers the traction and comfort you need to manage any surface, including slick, oily places.

TRYING THESE ON: Belleville boots run approximately a half to a full size larger than your normal shoe size, depending on what type of boot you choose. Because these are insulated boots for cold weather, containing a GORE-TEX® bootie, you may want to start by trying on a boot that is a half size smaller. Belleville offers a variety of socks to go under the boots, or you might want to bring your favorite style of socks for tough-duty wear to try on the footwear. Lace them up snugly, pinch the toe and the sides and take a walk around the room to make sure they fit properly.

OVERALL: The nation’s oldest military footwear supplier, Belleville has been making military boots since 1904, when Belleville Shoe began its operations across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. The company’s first military boots contract came during World War I and Belleville has been in the business of providing footwear to troops of all kinds since that time. In the early days, the company simply manufactured high-quality shoes and boots and offered superior customer service.

Because Belleville was committed to providing the most up-to-date footwear to the nation’s armed forces, the company kept finding ways to build upon the technology that goes into its popular and acclaimed boots. New materials and new manufacturing technologies make Belleville boots long-wearing, cost-effective and appropriate for the task at hand. Manufacturing more than one million pairs of boots every year, Belleville has been honored many times by the U.S. government for its quality and performance. Now there are three plants and many satisfied customers in many walks of life.

Today, Belleville, which has made athletic shoes for popular players such as Stan Musial, integrates running shoe designs into its combat footwear to provide maximum comfort while maintaining the protective characteristics of the boots and good looks too. Its boots are popular with various branches of the armed services, as well as law enforcement, security and industrial personnel who need uncompromising comfort and durability for long hours on rigorous assignments.