Belleville Boots

Review of the Belleville 700 ST Waterproof Black Duty Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: Keep your feet protected and insulated from precipitation and cold weather with the Belleville 700 ST steel toe boot. Made in America by a company with a great reputation for keeping men in uniform happy, this rugged boot has the effect of an insulated plastic bag to keep your feet dry and contamination-free even if you’re standing in 5 inches of water. At the same time, your feet can breathe, thanks to the GORE-TEX® fabric bootie and the gusseted tongue.

Whether you are in law enforcement or security, you could be patrolling for hours, so you’ll appreciate the design that combines the best features of combat boots with running shoes. The VANGUARD® sole with its slip resistance on the underside and the inner cushioning and make your life easier. These great-looking boots, which are made of luxurious black leather and ballistic nylon, also have a steel toe for added protection. They are a great bargain that will last for many years if you give them adequate care.

KEY FEATURES: Belleville adds a steel toe for protection from direct impact to its sleek black leather boots that are insulated for cold and wet weather conditions. That toe is polishable for a sleek uniform look. Also part of the upper is Cordura® nylon that won’t tear or scuff, even when your work subjects you to really difficult conditions. You can lace these boots from the top down to the toe to get extra protection in situations where you need added coordination to navigate new or unfamiliar places. These durable boots weigh 2.1 pounds or 33.5 ounces.

On the inside, you can count on the special GORE-TEX Fabric Bootie to let perspiration out while keeping water, oil, grease and other liquids from getting inside your boots. This breathable shield relegates the wetness to the exterior, so that you have a complete barrier against it. The midsole absorbs shock hitting your heel with moderate padding and high compression. It is removable, comfortable and durable, and you can substitute a custom-made orthotic device if you need more padding.

Be prepared for any situation with the special lug design of the VIBRAM Sierra outsole. Giving you the ability to stop easily in all directions, this design is perfect for any surface from flat to hilly or craggy. You get the grip and power you require to be able to navigate anywhere, even if you’re dealing with slippery, greasy conditions.

TRYING THESE ON: Remember that Belleville boots tend to run big, depending on the specific model. These cold-weather boots with their special GORE-TEX bootie insulation probably are only half a size bigger than your running or dress shoes. Think accordingly when you pick a size. You can get special socks from Bellevile or pick out your own to go under these boots designed for durability in tough conditions. When you put on your socks and try them on, pull the laces to make them snug, make sure there is a little space in the front and side areas and walk for a little bit to be certain you have a great fit.

OVERALL: Belleville, the longest running supplier of military footwear in the U.S., has produced military boots for more than 100 years. In 1904 Belleville Shoe started with a small plant near St. Louis. When World War I broke out, the company procured its first military boots contract. Since that time Belleville has been manufacturing high-quality footwear that caters to the needs of all kinds of troops. When Belleville first began, it just made top-notch boots and shoes and provided great customer service.

Still, the company wanted to offer the very latest in footwear for the nation’s military forces. Belleville prided itself on building on the technology that is an integral part of its well-liked and highly-praised boots. Combining the latest materials and production technologies, Belleville makes boots that last for many years and are just right for tough jobs. Producing over a million pairs of boots each year, Belleville has received many honors from the U.S. government for its work and service.

Having manufactured athletic footwear for well-known people like baseball Hall of Famer Stan Musial, Belleville puts athletic footwear designs into its combat boots to offer enormous comfort while controlling the ability of the boots to protect the wearer. Belleville boots are enjoyed by numerous branches of the military forces. They also serve people in law enforcement, security and industry who must have complete comfort and ruggedness for long stints on tough assignments.