Belleville Boots

Review of the Belleville 795 Insulated Waterproof Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: This boot exemplifies the top Belleville quality U.S. troops have come to expect. These boots look tough and burly right out of the box. It features several high-quality cowhide suede panels that are double stitched together with a couple of abrasion-resistant nylon Cordura panels. One of things I noticed right away was the seamless integration of the Vibram outsole with the midsole. This was this was just an indication of the high quality of workmanship customers have come to expect with Belleville boots. This is definitely one sturdy, high quality boot, designed for heavy duty applications.

KEY FEATURES: The Belleville 795 features Gore-Tex technology. What is quite impressive is the thickness of the Gore-Tex fabric which really adds negligible weight to the overall boot. The fabric is permanently sewn to all interior areas, essentially giving your feet a protective barrier that is impermeable to water molecules. A great design feature is how the gusseted tongue (which joins the tongue to the food upper) combined with the Gore-Tex fabric is mated together to give you complete waterproof protection all the way up to the second lacing eyelet from the top. This is a true waterproof design where you can walk through a reasonable amount of standing water with no problem.

The second key feature of the 795 is the additional 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation to provide bulk free warmth. This material is applied as a fabric evenly to the interior sections of the boot but adds approximately 5 ounces to the overall weight but again, this isn't the type of boot you want to use for stealth or tactical operations. This is boot you'll be happy you have when its below freezing and wet.

TRYING THESE ON: Just remember that the Belleville boots are generally oversized and run anywhere from one half to a full size larger than your typical athletic shoe. After trying these on a tight notice the weight there definitely not lightweight boots but I guess that's the but these are full-size boots with all of the bells and whistles on them. One thing I noticed right away is the ample ankle movement. Belleville's are known for thin uppers which don't restrict ankle movement but aren't the most supportive. The 795s are supportive enough for most activities but there are some other brands of boots that are definitely more supportive in the ankle area.

OVERALL: Excellent sub $200 boots that are waterproof insulated and made with American quality. I'd expect these to last quite a while no real weak points. The 795s are one of Belleville's top end models with a solid design, excellent materials, and excellent workmanship with good attention to detail. I'd buy these boots in a heartbeat.