What are the Problems Associated with Flat Feet?

Running shoes showcase in a variety of kinds, sizes and shapes. Men have theirs while women also have theirs. Such shoes are meant to help people engage in running exercises with ease. There are striking differences noticed between menís running shoes and that of the ladies. You need to be well informed about them. They will help you make the right choice when searching for quality running shoes. Letís take a look at the basic differences.

The Foot Structure
Thereís a striking difference noticed in menís and womenís running shoes when looking at foot structure. Menís feet are usually wider and longer than that of the ladies. Menís ankle, arch and first toe are also quite different from that of the women. The entire foot shape of ladies differs from that of men. Youíll still notice these differences in the structure of the running shoes. You have to bear them in mind when searching for the right shoes.

Shoe Design
Menís running shoes are quite different from women running shoes in terms of their designs. The gender differences noticed in foot structure influence the design of the shoes. In most cases, women running shoes come with narrow soles. This is purely because women generally have narrow heels. On the other hand, menís running shoes are designed with broader or wider soles. This is mainly because men have wider foot structure. Moreover, womenís running shoes tend to be slim and sexy in design while that of men tend to be wider and masculine in appearance.

There are several possible causes of flat feet. Actually some individuals do develop the condition right from birth or early childhood days. Others donít have it until they become adults. For some obese people, their excess weight may damage the tendon which supports the arch at the bottom of their feet. Once the tendon damages or gets torn, flat feet are bound to occur. In any case, there are other causes of flat feet. Letís outline them:

Body Shape
Menís and womenís running shoes are also designed according to body shape. There are striking differences noticed in the body shape of men and women. Basically, men tend to have more body mass and muscles than the ladies. Hence, when men run, they make greater impact on their heels than the ladies. This is considered when manufacturing the running shoes. Menís running shoes tend to be wider than the ones meant for ladies.

Indeed, these notable differences are considered when manufacturing running shoes for men and women. Most makers of such shoes put them into consideration. In the recent times, diverse sizes of running shoes are produced for men and women. They come with unique features. There are several brands of running shoes all over the place. Some brands of womenís running come with extra crash pads meant to enhance shock absorption. The same scenario holds for menís running shoes. Some of them come with extra arch support meant to alleviate pains associated with running and other physical exercises. In all, youíve got to consider these differences when looking for a pair of running shoes that will suit your gender. You can make further inquiries from a reliable dealer when looking for the best running shoes. You can as well consult your podiatrist for further assistance.