How Do I Care for My Feet?

Your feet are essential whether you are on patrol duty or involved in a military operations. You need them for almost everything you do in life. You’ve got to move around, run, or jog with them. You need them to engage in any kind of physical exercise. Hence, you really need to take good care of them in order to keep them safe and sound. Given below are vital tips to engage:

Wear Quality Footwear
You need to re-energize your feet regularly to keep them fit. You need to do that each time you’re seated on a bus, airplane or train. You also need to do that when sitting in a class or at a desk. To re-energize your feet, you need to engage in some exercises. You can relax your feet or press them on the floor by taking off your shoes and placing one foot on top of the other. You can tap your toes or engage in toe writing. You can also try other unique feet exercises.

Re-energize Your Feet Regularly
There is a special insole in most combat boots which is designed to help with ventilation and perspiration, but also to increase the comfort of the boots. The insole will mold to the feet of the wearer and provide internal support to fight against fatigue, blisters, and other concerns of long wear shoes. The insole is also designed to increase traction within the boot so that socked feet do not slip around inside the shoe. The insole is removable and can be replaced if its performance decreases or it becomes damaged.

Stretch Your Feet Regularly
To take good care of your feet, you have to stretch them regularly. You can always do that each time you sit behind a desk. You can engage in Tendon Stretch, Towel Lift, Knee Hug, Quad Stretch and other exercises.

Protect Your Feet While Exercising
When you engage in physical exercises like walking, jogging or running, you need to watch your feet. You need to protect your feet from injuries that may occur especially when you engage in strenuous exercise. If you’re engaging in daily walking, you need to walk erect to help your feet. If you’re running or jogging, you need to avoid putting too much pressure on your feet. If you’re engaging in strenuous activities, you need to control the weight you place on your feet. You must allow blood to flow on your feet as you exercise.

Handle Feet Pain wisely
If you have pain on your feet while exercising, you need to learn how to deal with it. You can massage the feet especially if you’re having sudden cramps. You can also go for proper treatment if the pain continues.

In Conclusion
Finally, there are also certain things you need to avoid in order to take good care of your feet. You have to avoid smoking by all means. You should also avoid staying at one position for a long time. You must avoid putting on extremely tight shoes and stockings. If you’re able to take note of these tips, you’re sure to take good care of your feet on daily basis.

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