Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green BootReebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green BootReebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green BootReebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
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Sorry. This item has been discontinued.

Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot
Reebok RB8990 Men's Rapid Response USAF Composite Toe Side Zip Sage Green Boot

Product Description

Originally introduced by Converse, the Rapid Response boot series were a tremendous success with military customers. Now, Reebok has assumed the manufacturing contract and produces the same great design and quality that made these boots so popular. The Reebok Rapid Response Boots were designed with the features of a high-performance combat boot with the comfort of an athletic running shoe. This boot features a lightweight, flexible outsole that won't limit movement when running or jumping. It's comfort features include a well padded upper, tongue, and collar, a shock absorbing EVA midsole, and a lightweight composite toe. A convenience side zipper allows for easy wear and removal. The Rapid Response is completely metal-free so it is airport and X-ray friendly. Choose one of the most comfortable military boots on the market today and see why troops love them.

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Men's Hot Weather USAF Comp Toe Side Zip Tactical Boot
- Non-metallic safety toe protects from foot hazards
- Durable Side Zipper for Easy Wear and Removal
- Lightweight construction that won't slow you down
- Padded collar and tongue for all day comfort
- Stealth 8in Boot with Side Zipper
- Nylon Mesh
- Removable F2A Polyurethane Cushion Insert with Shock Eliminator Heel Cushion
- Dual Density; Mountain Trail Rubber Bottom and EVA Cushion Midsole
- 100% Non-Metallic, Side Zipper, Extra Wide Toe

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Love em

By John Thayer from WPAFB, OH on Jun 15, 2016

These Reebok sage boots fit well. I decided to buy a pair for use with my multicam uniforms too because I like these so much. Construction is top notch and materials are quality as well. I ordered the wide and there was ample room even in the toe area so they run more spacious than other brands I've worn. I plan to by these Reebok boots again.

Rapid Response are the best military boots I've worn!

By Dan Hawkins from Metairie, LA on Jan 26, 2016

I've had three pair of Converse Rapid Response boots over the last eight years in the military. This is my first pair of Reeboks since they started making them. Might need to break them in for the side zipper hugs my ankle a bit much. I've owned the lace ups in the past.

Not the same boot as Converse

By Mike D. from Houston, TX on Oct 21, 2015

These boots are sized different than the ones from Converse several years ago. I orderd the same size as I had in the Converse and these boots were 1/2-1 size larger. Luckily I tried them on indoors before wearing them outside. I exchanged these for a 1/2 smaller size. Other than that, they are very comfortable like my Converse pair before.

Viva Argentina!

By Antonio Guerrero on Apr 5, 2015

Really like a lot the boots. Good comfortable and look nice. I recommend these to my friends buy them.

Most comfortable boots.

By Nadine S. from Rio Ranch, NM on Mar 14, 2015

I have no complaints about these boots. The zipper makes it real easy to get on and off compared to my lace boots. Fast shipping. Thanks militarybootsdirect!

Great boots

By Barry W. from Great Falls, MT on Dec 26, 2014

These boots have been excellent from the start. I work construction and the comp toe comes in handy at times. I have another pair in green that I switch out with these tan ones. They really hold up well. I've have them over one years and they have worn very slightly. Super comfortable. If they keep holding up like this, I'll get five years out of them. Buy em!

Love these boots!

By johnny from CA on Dec 15, 2014

The guy at the base exchange recommended these to me. They are really comfortable and have excellent padding withoug being restrictive. I wear them all day long walking on concrete and I can feel the shock absorbtion on my heel with every step. Great boots!

Buy More Before They Stop Making Them

By Teddy P. from Sacramento, California on Oct 2, 2014

These boots are some of the most comfortable I've worn. I've had wolverines, rockys, and thoroughgoods and these are really the most comfortable out of all of them. I use them for work and have not had a problem with them. The first day I put them on, they were great. No breakin or nothin. I love the tread pattern. I bought a second pair to rotate them in since I wear these every day. I'm thinkin about buying a few more in case they stop makin them.

Converse Rapid Response Boots

By Robert Staut from Boston, MA on Aug 27, 2014

I use these for paintball. This is my first pair of zipper boots and I really like them. I was reluctant to buy these because of the zipper breaking but my friends all have these and they all say great things about them. The zipper is pretty heavy duty so I don't think it will be a problem.

I'm a believer!

By Joe L. from Macon, GA on Aug 14, 2014

This is one of the most comfortable boots I've worn in my 15 year Air Force career. They are comfortable right out of the box and are great quality. Just make sure you get the one you are looking for. I wanted one with the side zipper and ordered the lace up kind. Note there are several models of the same sage green Rapid Response so just make sure you get the one you want.

This is my third pair of these and I hope they don't stop making them I get about 2-3 years out of them before they start getting dirty. So I make those my camping boots or boots I do yard work in. They're just as comfortable but the suede does get dirty compared to the slick black combat boots everyone used to wear.

I love the zipper. It makes getting these on and off super easy. Now I dont have to the laces around 3-4 sets of eyelets to take these off. It's a simple peel the velcro strap back and unzip. Your feet come right out. The zipper is super sturdy as well. It's not one of these small zippers on your jeans. It's a heavy duty nylon zipper with large teeth. I was a little worried about that when I tried on my first pair but like I said, I'm on my thirs pair and have never had a problem with the zipper.

Comfort wise, I give these a 5/5. I'm used to the old style of traditional combat boot with the rubber sole nailed on to the upper part of the boot. Well let me tell you that combat boots have come a long way. The converse boots are very supportive without being restrictive when you need to run or bend down. I'm just using the factory insoles that come with the boot and they have been great. No foot problems or fatigue. I'm a believer in these. Get a pair!

Really Comfortable Boots

By Mike Leddy from Vancouver on July 12, 2014

Realy comfortable boots, I was wearing these for logging in Canada. They really do feel like you have a pair of tennis shoes on. Sometimes I forget that when I have them on. They do get dirty in wet, muddy environments so I should have bought the black ones that have the smooth leather. These boots have lasted pretty long and are now my favorites. Had them for four months and still going strong.


By Mark Duffy on Nov 2, 2013

i like these boots so far. these are my first pair of converse boots. comfortable but its noly been a week. if there good, i will buy another pair.

Can't go wrong with these

By Pat S. on Oct 25, 2013

I'm in the Air Force and these are my second pair of these boots. The first pair I bought was in desert tan but I had to buy the green ones go go with ABUs. These are really well made boots. Really cushiony and bouncy and keeps my feet cool in Afghanistan. They're pretty lightweight which does make a difference when you've got 40lbs of gear on your back. What I like the most about these boots is the zipper along with the laces. So i just lace up the boots to the tension I like, then just double tie them so they don't come untied, then I just use the zipper to get these on. Makes getting them on quick, like 5 seconds quick. You really can't go wrong with these boots. Not too expensive and really comfortable. Once you try them, you'll be a believer like me.

Moon Boots

By Julie E. from Little Rock, AR on Feb 4, 2013

These Converse boots are built really well. The Army guys call these the "moon boots" because they do look like it. They must just be jealous because they cant wear them. I'm a woman and ordered two sizes smaller than my running shoe and they fit great. Very comfortable and light.

Great Boots

By ed star on Jan 19, 2011

These boots are lightweight and comfortable. I would have given them 5 stars but they dont keep my feet warm in the winter.

Great Boots!

By yanni from Castle Rock, CO on Nov 13, 2012

I've owned these for two years and wear them everyday on the job site. I grate concrete so they do get abused. The treads have worn down some but suprisingly they have held up great. I'm very satisfied with these especially for the price. I had to get the compostite toe version since there are all kinds of falling hazards around and these boots have saved my toes more than a couple of times. Great boots. I'll be buying another pair once these wear out.

Good but Pricey

By Mikey S. on Oct 7, 2012

I love these boots but they are pricey. The composite toe is much lighter than other steel toe boots. These also run true to size. I ordered the same size as my running shoe.

Most Comfortable Boots Ever

By Steve G. from on Jul 18, 2012

After almost twenty years in the Army, these are most comfortable boots i've ever worn. They beat custom boots and require no break in. Incredible that shoe technology has come this far.

Best Hot Weather Boot Out There

By Darren Miles from Tucson, AZ on Jun 1, 2012

This is one of the best hot weather boots I've ever worn. I use these for hiking and go anywhere from 5-10 miles over mountains, forest, and dirt fire roads with no problems. I was contemplating getting the non composite toed version but there was such a small weight difference I decided to go with the compostite toe and have had no problems. These boots are lightwieigh and have lasted over a year. They're also cool so my feet dont sweat. When my friends have to stop by noon to let their blisters and sweaty feet air out, I'm laughing. The sizing was right on with my running shoe. What a fantastic product. They're not made here but they seem to be really good quality. These are overall one of the best hot weather safety boots i've ever worn.

Great Boots!

By Elijah P. from Big Bear, California on Apr 24, 2012

Excellent boots. I have a pair of green and tan. The zipper is a lifesaver!

Comfortable but ok quality

By Gerry D. on Feb 5, 2012

I use these on the flight line as an aircraft mechanic. Within 6 months, one of the seams behind the safety toe came apart. I had to send them in for a warranty replacement. Luckily it was pretty easy to get a new pair. These are comfortable but not really the best quality.

I Love The Zipper!

By Mike Furr on Jan 8, 2012

I wear these everyday and love them. The zipper is a must have. No more tying laces ever again.

Great Boots for Custom Insoles

By Guy S. on Nov 29, 2011

I have flat feet so all of my boots need to be able to take custom insoles. I tried these on at the store and they were very comfortable with my insoles. I was impressed with the amount of padding on the sides. They really protect your ankles. The comp toe is very protective as I've had some items fall on my feet before at work with no problems. These really do feel like sneakers like people say. I wear these for 10 hours every day and they have held up great.