Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)

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Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
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Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)
Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103)

Product Description

The Rocky S2V Military Boot is designed for the soldier looking for an ultra-lightweight, quick-response military boot that has been top rated as one of the most comfortable boots on the market today. The S2V features a outsole design that wraps around the foot for an ultra low-profile. This makes the S2V an ideal boot for tactical environments that require rope rapelling, crawling, close-quarter battle.

Several comfort features that make this a top rated boot are the A moisture wicking lining, side drainage vents, and Aegis Microbe Shield ensure your feet are kept cool even in the most extreme environments where top performance is key. This S2V version, the Rocky S2V Vented USAF Sage Green Military Duty Boot (103), features a boot upper constructed of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Flame Retardant Fabric. A knobby rubber sole made by Vibram ensures max traction in both uneven terrain and urban environments. Built to be a top-performer that will help you get out of sticky situations, the S2V is the choice for die-hard military professionals.

Rocky S2V  Military Boot Sizing


Lightweight Hot Weather USAF 8.5in Tan Tactical Boot
1,000 Denier Cordura in Sides and Panels in Treated PTFE Coat for Flame Resistance
Aegis Microbe Shield prevents bacteria and fungus growth that cause rot and foot discomfort
Drainage Vents Move Water Out and Prevent Debris from Enteriing and Enhance Breathability
Flash and water-Resistant leather uppers withstand fire hazards and rigors of Sea-to-Land warfare
Made in the USA, Berry Amendment Compliant
Proprietary High-Walled Vibram Soles with Perforated Airport Cushion Footbeds and PU Midsoles
SuperFabric instep Panels Prevent Early boot Failure from Rope Burn
Wicking Dri-Lex Lining and Stretch Lycra Tongues Hug feet for Secure Fit
Wicking Dri-Lex lining with Aegis Microbe Shield

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Good Boots for Military

By Jason Gardella from Battletown, KY on Mar 2, 2016

I wore these at at OTS and they were great. We did a lot of marching and running and these boots were very comfortable. I do recommend these boots to anybody in the military. The only issue is they do wear out laces faster than other boots I've had. The laces are easy to pull and the boot are constructed solidly but these boots require that you lace them tightly. Other than that they have been excellent.

Great Boots

By Timothy Brown from Cleveland, OH on Jan 14, 2016

I've had these boots for just over a year now. They have survived many camping trips, hikes, and rough farm work. I love them. They do take some getting used to as the sole underneath my feet is much thinner than the Bates and Wolverines I've owned in the past. But I really like the feel of these. They feel really stable and they allow your feet so be positioned lower to the ground so there's less chance of rolling an ankle. Sizing as to be expected. Mine didn't run too large or too small

Comfortable but Sole Wears Fast

By Leo G. from Lima, OH on Nov 16, 2015

All around great boot in the field. Very comfortable doing all kinds of activity to include running, climbing, etc. Long rucks are no problem. The durability of the uppers is quite good as well. My primary complaint is the sole wears very fast is very lacking. I wore through the sole in less than a year with daily wear. If it wasn't for that, 5 stars for sure.

Expensive but Excellent Boots

By Davis Thomas from Tallahassee, FL on Aug 25, 2015

I bought these Rockys for motorcycle riding in the hot Florida heat. I really can't complain about the quality. They've held up extremely well in hot weather and with 120degree asphalt which have melted a pair of Wolverines I had. I am sold and they keep on wearing. The only thing is they aren't cheap but you get what you pay for.

5 Star

By Kyle Armstrong from La Grange, TX on Apr 5, 2015

Comfortable boot and insanely durable. Best boots I have ever owned in my 11 years as an Army officer. Good ventilation, arch support, and keeps your feet dry. Sized like the box says.

Get em. They are the best!

By B Schaffer from Palenville NY on March 21, 2015

My son who has been in the army for over 12 years got me a pair of these for my birthday. I do a lot of hiking in the summertime in upstate New York. These Rockys have been a fantastic upgrade from the saucony hiking sneakers I wore before. My favorite points about this boot is the excellent ankle support that has saved my ankle more than once from what would have been potential sprain. They are great for hot weather and my feet dont sweat as much as with other boots and sneakers Ive had. the sole gives good traction especially on loose gravel (which is probably what they were designed for). All in all, I highly recommend these for people that are active in the outdoors. Theres a reason soldiers in the US army recommend this boot.

Nice boots but they can get little hot

By Duncan from Key Biscayne, FL on Feb 17, 2015

Nice boots, they can get a little hot but overall very comfortable. Well padded on the ankles and sole supports well. I like the low profile design where the sole hugs your feet versus your feet being on top of the sole. Mud removal is easy, just wait til it dries, stomp on a hard surface, and spray the rest with a hose.

Solid Boots

By David Mather from Afghanistan on Dec 2, 2014

I wore these Rockys through Officer Training School and US Army Ranger School last year, and had no complaints. These boots are solid. What I like about these boots is the insole. The factory insole is extremely thick and provides ample padding for your foot. You won't feel this day to day but take these boots on a 10 mile ruck and you'll see what I'm talking about.
The downside with these boots is the suede. It stains easily. Not much you can do because suede desert boots are part of the ACU. My stint in Florida did a number on my boots, but only because of how suede does in wet, muddy settings. But I liked these boots so much that I bought another that I'm wearing in Afghanistan. I've been here for 5 months wearing them 12-15 hours every day and they've been great!

These Boots Rock!

By Mark Forge from Buckley AFB, CO on Mar 21, 2012

These boots are awesome. They are exactly like the description. Excellent service from Militarybootsdirect. They arrived in three days. These boots rock.

Sweet Boots!

By Daniel W. from Cincinatti, OH on Jan 15, 2012

I bought these boots after reading some of the internet reviews. When they arrived, I took out my scale and weighed them. They came in at about 17 ounces for each boot, or roughly about 2.2 lbs for the pair. This was quite a bit lighter than my corcorans that weigh close to 4lbs for the pair so they are definitely light at about half the weight. Next, I tried them on and they fit tight but not too tight but provide free movement in the ankle area so they arent too restrictive of stiff like other boots I've owned. They feel like a solid boot. I've got one month before my deployment so I'll be wearing them to break them in before I go. The true test will be in the field but so far, they seem pretty good.

Waste of Money

By Ben Ishmael from Afghanistan on Jul 2, 2011

I received these boots while deployed here in Afghanistan. These S2Vs are pretty lightweight but the boot stitching began to come apart. The sole on the boot is too soft and so you feel whatever you're walking on. This makes you even more tired at the end of a day walking on rocks and debris. They scuff easily and the laces seem cheap and flimsy. The factory insoles that came with the boot were made of regular and didn't fit the boot so I had to cut them around the edges to make them fit the inside of the boot. This is unacceptable for a pair of $200 boots! This boot isn't worth the box it comes in.

Feel like my running shoes

By Smitty on Dec 14, 2010

These boots feel like my running shoes. Really comfortable. I read some reviews on the SV2 that said to order a half size larger but I should have ordered my running shoe size. These are about half an inch too big for me.

great boots for running

By Rocky Gates from Fort Huachucha, AZ on Nov 15, 2010

Easy to slip on compared to some other brands. i really like these for running. The sole and the upper part of the boot flex alot so they dont restrict at all when running. you barely notice you have them on.

Didn't Work Out For Me

By Bryan Wilkes on Sep 29, 2010

I bought these because I have a lot of friends the own Rocky S2Ss and really like em. Maybe it was just a fluke on my part but I'm on my second pair of these boots. The first pair I bought were great. They were really, really light and gave good traction and ankle support. I really liked the low profile footprint that avoided me tripping on stuff like my issue combat boots. They also look super cool with how they "wrap" around your foot and look like some bad ass boots. They were fine for about 6 months and then one day when I was putting them on, the inside mesh on the left boot ripped and came apart from the boot inside. I contacted Rocky and after about a month they replaced them after I took pictures and mailed the boots back.

The second pair of S2Vs arrived in the same size 10 Wide and I put them on. After a couple of hours of wearing them I had to take them off because the left boot was digging into my heel area. I dont know if it was an extra piece of material that didn't get removed at the factory or if it was a manufacturing defect or what. So now I'm stuck with a pair of brand new boots that are essentially unwearable. Like I said, maybe my experience was just a fluke on my part since my buddies all seem to like their S2Vs. I still think Rocky makes great high performance products but maybe some of their quality control is lacking.

Best Boots I've Had

By O.P. from Carlsbad, CA on Sep 28, 2010

These Rocky S2Vs are a middle weight boot. I've had lighter boots in the past but they just didn't hold together. These boots seem to be the best combination of lightness and durability I've found. I've owned Bellevilles, Wellcos, and the Rocky C4T trainers and the S2Vs are still my favs. Mine have been going strong for over two years and have seen me through SOS and BOLC. Keeping them clean is a challenge because they're made of suede leather so the color has changed slightly but other than that, they are perfect.

These Boots Make Me More Confident

By Timothy Pelter from Sacramento, CA on Sep 16, 2010

I've had these for over a year and they've been great. Hands down the most comfortable combat boot I've owned. My Army issued ones were junk and clunky. With the S2Vs, I feel faster and more agile. I know I know, how can just a boot make a difference. I dont know if it does but it sure feels like they do. I'm definitely more confident when I'm on loose or rocky terrain that requires more balance and control.

Horrible item

By Kevin Penwick from Fort Lauderdale, FL on Sep 2, 2010

I bought these Rocky S2V boots for use with my ACUs. I ordered them in a size 14 Wide and shipping was relatively fast. After an hour or so of walking in them, the skin on my right heel was rubbed raw. I even wore them with military issue Thorlo boot socks and that didn't really help. Upon inspection, the left boot is shorter than the right. I can't return them now since they are worn and now I'm stuck with a pair of $220 paperweights.

Good Boots

By Ty Smith from Pueblo, CO on Aug 13, 2010

I bought these for my son who is in the Air Force. He says he loves them and no problems.

Rocky S2V Review

By Ben Lambright from AL on Jul 5, 2010

I bought these for my son for boot camp. The Army is very particular when it comes to what type of boots you can wear. These were Army approved and my son says he likes them.

I Love These Boots

By Mark Lister from Panama City, FL on Jun 19, 2010

No complaints, these boots are by far the best, I wear boots 24/7, I work in an oil rig so I need something reliable and confortable. I'm a former US Army E5 and that's how I found out about these boots. Can't go wrong with this boot.

Way Too Small

By Eric S. from Iraq on Aug 13, 2010

I ordered my same running shoe size and they were way too small. I'm a 12 running shoe and had to send them back and get a 13. Make sure you get the right size because it was a lot of trouble to pack everything back in the box, tape it, and have to drive 20 miles to the nearest post office.

These boots do give good support on the sides. I'm wearing them right now and they feel great. They give adequate support on the ankles as well. In my opinion, get the sizing chart of the Rocky site and print it out. Then order at least one size bigguer at least 1 size longer.

Rocky S2V

By Ben from Tri Cities, WA on Feb 11, 2010

My second pair and fit perfectly. Intially there was a bit of discomfort on the back of the achilles area but by end of the first day this was gone. Excellent boot so far. I wear these with Coolmax moisture wicking socks and they're great.