Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training BootBelleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training BootBelleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training BootBelleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training BootBelleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot

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Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
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Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot

Product Description

Now made in coyote brown, the Belleville TR105 Men's MiniMil Ultra Light Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot is now available for soldiers in training. Originally started by Vibram's Fivefingers, this type of footwear enables your natural bio-mechanics when walking or running and allows you to feel the terrain. The Belleville TR105 Boot features a 2mm drop between the heel and toe for transmitting maximum "ground feel", as opposed to the typical 20mm for combat boots. The TR105 is ultra-lightweight weighing less than 2lbs per pair and features 100% cowhide and nylon Cordura construction. The sole is manufactured by Vibram, the pioneers in minimalist footwear and experts in footwear sole systems.

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Ultra Lightweight Hot Weather Coyote Brown Minimalist Training Boot
- Coyote Brown 100% Suede Leather Upper
- A true minimalist boot with a 2 millimeter heel to toe drop
- Exclusive Vibram “Tarsus” oil and slip resistant rubber
- Highly breathable unlined leather & nylon upper
- Double & triple stitched seams for enhanced durability
- Padded Achilles support
- Extremely lightweight 16 ounces per boot (size 10)
- AR670-1 Compliant (U.S. Army)
- 8in height
- Imported

Overall Customer Rating:

Reviewed by 18 customers

Great boots but be patient

By Stan F. on Oct 17, 2022

These Mini Mil boots take a bit of time to get used to. I would caution people that you're not going to be able to just put these on the first day and start wearing them. They do require a good amount of break in and you could have several different issues with these so they do require a bit of patience. They're a light-duty boots as advertised and good for garrison or office use which is the job I do in my current assignment. They require a rework of how you walk because you are supposed to land on the ball of your foot first, instead of your heel like most typical boots. It took me about 2 weeks to get these broken in and start wearing them for a full duty day. They were a good purchase but keep in mind they are for a specific use. You're not gonna to be rucking 10 miles in these. But for a second pair of light duty boots they are a great boot.

The best minimalist boots you can buy

By Jerry on Jun 5, 2022

These are excellent minimalist boots. I've put a few miles on them and they are great for running. A few tips are they do run small so order a size larger than your typical size. Also I learned not to over tighten the laces as they were pretty constricting and don't have a whole lot of padding so you could get blisters if you tighten them too much. These are as close to going Barefoot as you can get while still wearing something on your feet. Just keep in mind this is not for someone who isn't comfortable walking around barefoot. I hear a lot of complaints about these and I completely understand why. They are a specific boot for a specific use.

Bad Heel Cup

By RG on Mar 22, 2022

Problem with these rubbing my Achilles heel raw.


By Mel P. on Jan 11, 2022

Great minimalist boots for those that like to feel their feet more when they walk.

Good for what they are

By David Willmington from Centennial, CO on Aug 13, 2021

These are definitely the lightest boots I've owned. Had these for about 2 weeks now. They are form fitting but surprisingly have a wide toe box so they are comfortable. I did have aches in my heels the first couple of days but other than that great. I wouldn't use these for rucking but very good if you're looking for a lightweight minimal boot. Oh yeah, they did run slightly small so order 1/2 size up.

Thumbs Up

By Joe S. from Woodland Hills, CA on Jun 2, 2021

I had the Rocky S2Vs prior to these so I was used to the heel drop even though these are lower (2mm). These are great for garrison or light duty but you'll need beefier, boots for any type of rucking or physical activity of any sort. These have zero cushioning in the heel so just be aware.

Great light duty boots!

By Andreas Kuhn from El Campo, TX on Jun 12, 2019

I was amazed at how light these were. When they arrived and i picked up the box, it felt like it was an empty box. These boots are actually lighter than my Asics running shoes. It took some getting used to because of the low heel rise so there were some muscles in my legs that were sore for a couple days but nothing major. I've worn them for almost 2 months now and they're perfect.

Design Flaw

By Jeffrey Fallaci from Irvine, CA on Mar 2, 2019

First of let me say that these are excellent boots. I've never owned minimalist footwear or Vibram Fivefingers before and I like the way these train yourself to land on the ball of your foot instead of the heel. My main complaint is the ankle support rubs against the balls of both my ankles til their raw. I don't have freakishly protrusive ankles or anything and I've even tried wearing 2 pairs of boot socks. Belleville got everything right with this boot except for the design flaw of the ankle support. Without that, these boots would be the ideal tactical boot.

Son likes them

By Anthony Barnes from Parkersburg, WV on Feb 12, 2019

I bought these for my son who is a cadet at the Air Force Academy. He says he loves them. They fit well and he trains in them.

Great but run small

By Alex Gilbert from Milwaukee, WI on Jan 30, 2019

When I bought these I was skeptical about the soles wearing out because they are really thin. They held up fine on a couple of 10 mile rucks so far but just keep in mind that you will feel rocks and pebbles when you step on them. But this is part of the point of wearing minimalist boots. Also, they ran small so order 1/2 to 1 size larger than you typically wear.

Minimil Review

By Samuel on Dec 18, 2018

If you own S2Vs, the fit is similar. Your foot fits inside the boot as opposed to sitting on top of it like a conventional boot. The sole is pretty thin and the heel drop is pretty noticeable. These boots don't offer a whole lot of ankle or arch support so just keep in mind they are made for training and not for daily wear. Some of the guys in my unit wear these mini mils as their everyday boot without a problem but when I'm in the field, I want something more supportive.

Great boots with a specific use

By Trevor Wright on Dec 1, 2018

I got these a couple of weeks ago. There's definitely some getting used to required for these. Not really for breaking them in but more for just getting used to. I've worn Vibram Fivefingers in the past for training and running so I'm familiar with how to walk with these. It definitely takes some adjustment. As for sizing, these run pretty snug so I got the wide width which fits perfect. These are great for office work if you're stuck in garrison or something. I definitely wouldn't use these out in the field or ruck with these because of the minimal padding in these boots but then again theyre marketed as a training boot, not a duty boot. So far I like them and I expect they'l strengthen my lower legs and muscles in my feet like theyre designed to.

Great for light duty or garrison

By Tony Ramos on Nov 28, 2018

A buddy of mine recommended I try a pair of these since he has had good results with his minimalist boots. These fit pretty in line with my running shoe, not too big and not too small but pretty snug. These boots are super light. I would guess they are half the weight of my Wellcos. It took a week or so to break these in because I've never worn minimalist boots. What was most noticeable was the low rise on the heel. It takes some adjustment to wear these on a daiily basis but I'm definitely more conscious of how I walk. If you're serious about transitioning to minimalist footwear and you are in the military, I'd start with these.

Definitely met my expectations

By Pete on Nov 10, 2018

I own Belleville 390s which run large so I ordered the same size in these. It was my mistake because I ended up exchanging them for my sneaker size. Kudos to these guys because they made the size exchange easy. I already own a pair of vibram five finger shoes that I train at the gym and run on the track in. These Tactical Research boots fit just like them. Essentially no cushioning and your heel sits lower than wearing shoes or boots. Everything in this boot in minimal and thin but this is what minimalist footwear is designed for so you really feel everything you walk on. I'm still breaking them in and I wear them around the office for this temp duty until I get deployed later this summer. So hopefully, these boots will strenghthen my legs by then.

Great Minimalist Boots

By Huy Nguyen on Nov 2, 2018

I thought I'd try these and I needed a second pair of boots to switch out with my Rockys. I was really surprised at how light they are. It feels like its just a thicker skin all around your feet and ankles but I like them. They were a little uncomfortable for the first few days and I had some soreness in my arches and shins but I've gotten used to them and they're great. Just remember that these definitely aren't a boot for military duty. Not much padding at all but does what they are designed to do!

Tactical Research TR102

By mangrove124 on Oct 15, 2018

Great boots. Uncomfortable at first because I'm new to minimal shoes but I like them now. I can definitely tell my lower legs have gotten stronger.

Nice Training Boots

By Manny on Oct 3, 2018

I rate the comfort on these 3 stars. Not a padded boot at all but thats not what these are designed for. Changes how you walk and run and makes you think about what part of your foot hits the ground first. If you try to walk in these like with normal boots, you'll definitely notice. These boots force you to walk flat footed. I'm looking forward to seeing how these will make my legs stronger.