Tactical Research Boots

Review of the Tactical Research TR960Z WP Khyber Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: TR 960 Killa is a sharp looking boot right out of the box this is everything that modern-day tactical booths should be yeah this is one sleek looking boots with its formfitting shaped double stitch seems an aggressive looking barroom Ibex outsole the side zipper as an added plus and contours lacing you know this but it is made in China it's quality is very tough one of the one of the things I noticed right away is this boot is not just made for for running and jumping standard use it features a serrated total kicker for taking down doors and clearing debris what's interesting is the back of the boot has a heel grip which is used for establishing traction if you're sliding down an incline or this is definitely a protective boot and tactical research is covered all the bases such as a heel section which protects from punctures scuffs or cuts as you're sliding or repelling down the road

KEY FEATURES: This tactical model is loaded with features which law-enforcement and tactical operators are going to love the first feature of mention is the Gore-Tex booty which is integrated into the interior of the boot all the way up through the tongue which is gusseted this provides this is going to provide excellent waterproofing protection even for standing water up to up to 4 inches of moisture waking lining is highly beautiful with several nylon panels on the side of the boot of the inside of the ankle and outside of the upper it has a padded phone caller for comfort and a reinforce plastic Achilles guard for any type of objects that hit your foot from behind it features an exclusive tactical sold design by Vibram its soul was specifically designed for mountain warfare operations and will perform well in a In an urban environment is sold assignment is aggressive it features Sharp's sharp lugs sharp directional lugs for excellent traction when you're running jumping like many other souls in addition this ibex sol design was intended for operators wrote repelling crawling control slides down inclines in addition to any type of athletic fee you can dish out one of the most impressive features of the tactical research Is the TR one high-performing this insole offers extended our support and loadbearing capabilities it's really comparable to aftermarket insole you would typically pay $25-$35 for such as super feet or so it is a molded stiff design which is intended to con tour to your feet it's definitely built for athletic appliqué perforated surface or to allow airflow and readability

TRYING THESE ON: Keep in mind that these boots do run large, about 1/2 size larger than your running shoe. I really don't know why all of Belleville's boots run at sizes so large they're not even close to athletic shoe sizing, even with a thick boot sock. After taking a few steps, I really noticed the weight. These are not light boots and you'll definitely know you have them on but I guess that's the drawback of having waterproofing and extra insulating properties. Movement was really good the upper provides a good amount of of ankle support without being too restrictive. Other than that, this is a very comfortable, well-supported boot that will stand up to harsh cold weather or whatever punishment you can dish out.

OVERALL: This is an ideal boot for law enforcement and SWAT looking for all of the bells and whistles it does weigh in at 28 ounces which is a little heavy but nothing out of the ordinary for a boot with so many features this is one of the most modernly style boots on the market as tactical research breaks ground with innovative designs and styles the tactical community has not seen before so for a top-performing sleek aggressive looking boot that does it all the TR 960 will rise to the challenge

- Brian