Tru Spec started in 1996 as a spinoff of its parent company, Atlantico which has a top supplier of military equipment and clothing to the Department of Defense since 1952. The creation of Mil Spec came about to meet the needs of law-enforcement and the tactical community for exceptional quality tactical year that could stand up to the rigors day in and day out. Today, they manufacture everything from tactical clothing, firearms holsters, head protection, and many other related items. Their company has remained a leader through innovation and service. The new 24-7 series was started in order to answer the specific needs of the consumer with the goal of manufacturing rugged, comfortable gear that will help you get your mission completed successfully. Hundreds of police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and military members use their products and put their life on the line with confidence in their gear. Try a True Spec product today and see the difference in quality and commitment to the war fighter.

Tru Spec Boot Sizing