What is a TR-1 Insole?

Insoles are an important part of a boot. They are the final contact point for the underside of your feet and provide several different functions. All Tactical Research boots feature Belleville's signature TR-1 insole. This state of the art insole provides a comfortable and stable foot platform for right out of the box. Designed for the athlete in mind, The TR-1 insole provides cushioning from shock when running, jumping, or engaging in physical activity. It is made of a rubber-foam composite that absorbs shock while providing support when pressure is applied. In the past, insoles were made of flat strips of leather. These types of insoles eventually would flex and contour to the shape of the wearer's feet but didn't provide much in the area of cushioning. Today's state-of-the-art manufacturing and advanced materials such as what is used in the TR-1 insole have been groundbreaking since then and provides excellent shock attenuation as one of the many benefits.

The second important quality that the TR-1 insole provides is excellent support of the foot. The underside of a each person's foot has a natural shape. There is also an "anatomically perfect" shape that the human feet should have. This ideal form makes walking, running, and other important human foot movements most efficient and the least straining and damaging. The TR-1 insole follows this general foot form to best give support to the wearer, especially in the arch, heel, and ball of the foot.

A third quality that the TR-1 provides is moisture dissipation. During the course of the day, your feet will perspire just like the rest of your body. When enclosed in a shoe or boot, moisture from your feet if not dissipated can cause odor, bacteria and fungal growth, or other foot problems. This insole feature moisture wicking materials which dissipate moisture to a larger area, thus keeping your feet relatively dry and problem free. It also includes perforations to promote air flow and dissipation of moisture through that method as well.

In conclusion, the TR-1 insole is a huge comfort feature that in included in all Tactical Research Boots. It's offers several benefits that will keep your feet comfortable, dry, and cool whether you're rucking in hot weather or training on an obstacle course. It's a key feature that makes Tactical Research one of the best selling military boot brands on the market.

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