What is Nylon Cordura?

Cordura is the brand name for a family of fabrics used in high-performance apparel and footwear. It was originally developed by the DuPont company in 1929 for use in military tires for its light-weight, flexible, and puncture-resistant qualities. This fabric is made up of synthetic fibers or or hybrid blends with cotton and other natural fibers. Cordura is used in many types of applications that require a lightweight, abrasion-resistant fabric. It has traditionally been used for outdoor items such as tents, backpacks, apparel, and other applications that require tough fabric that can stand up to the elements and wear and tear. Cordura was designed specifically for its abrasion- resistance and lightweight durability. Today it is used in many types of apparel and footwear that are designed with ruggedness and durability in mind. It has been used in military boots since the 1970s and provides lightweight, abrasion resistance fabric that is ideal for combat and tactical footwear. Cordura is typically used in shoe and boot uppers that can come into contact with debris or sharp objects. When traversing through difficult terrain, Cordura will protect the wearer from tears, cuts, scrapes and punctures from objects and terrain that the wearer comes into contact with.

Another reason it is ideal for certain types of military boots is because it is highly breathable. It is the perfect material for footwear used in hot weather environments because it helps the wearer keep their feet dry and cool. That is why it is the boot material of choice when it comes to hot weather boots versus boots that are leather which are not very breathable. One example is the Vietnam jungle boot which was designed for the hot, wet jungles of Saigon. The upper for this boot was 3/4 Cordura with a smooth leather heel and toe. This boot was ideal for keeping the wearer's feet protected from the elements while maintaining coolness and dryness.

Cordura fabric is also fast drying which makes it also ideal for wet weather footwear. Many waterproof models feature a Cordura upper which is stitched directly to the Gore-Tex waterproof material. The Cordura allows the moisture that is trapped on the outer layer of the Gore-Tex to pass through and evaporate.

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