What is Vulcanization in Boots?

Vulcanization is a term applied to rubber compounds where raw rubber goes through a chemical process, turning it into a more durable material used in an array of items such as tires, hoses, and mechanical engine belts. It's use in boots and shoe soles started in the 1950s when the need arose for durable, shock absorbing footwear. Before the invention of vulcanized rubber, rubber in its natural state rubber was a sticky materiel and would melt at higher temperatures, at lower temperatures it would become brittle and unusable so its use in everyday objects, such as footwear, was extremely limited or not ideal.

The chemical process of vulcanization makes rubber tougher molecularly stable and more resistant to hot and cold temperatures organization increases rubber strength and durability and makes it ideal for use in military footwear military footwear in the 1970s needed much improvement from the flat leather soles that were not shock absorbent or comfortable the vulcanization process enabled boot manufacturers to utilize rubber in their manufacturing process and as part of the boot midsole and outsole this created boots that were shock absorbent or comfortable with the advantage of a high traction rubber sole that was formidable in any design or shape

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