Why is Wearing the Proper Socks Important?

Now that the boots have been broken in, the next important step in the process of making for a comfortable boot wearing experience is wearing the proper pair of socks. Though it may seem kind of silly to think that the type of socks worn with boots would make a difference, it is the reality faced with any type of footwear. Think about it, what logic would it make wearing a boot that took so much time breaking in, just to put on a sock that is going to cause the same discomfort the wearer is trying to avoid? The best socks to wear with boots are ones made of wool material.

Why Socks Matter

Whether lounging around, keeping feet warm, or walking is the reason for a pair of socks to be worn, maintaining the best level of comfort possible is very important. In the use with boots, this is much more important, considering the material and harder sole. Though the boots may have been broken in already, they can still cause a good amount of discomfort to the wearerís feet and ankles.

Breaking them in does not completely remove the chances of friction, rubbing, blisters, and hot spots caused by boot use. By wearing the correct pair of socks, this chance can be reduced even further. It is recommended that wool socks be worn with boots and for the following various reasons.

Cotton versus Wool

Comparing the variables and features of both cotton and wool socks allows a person to make the appropriate decision regarding proper protection and usage to meet certain needs. Though this chart signifies that cotton is the more comfortable choice, it does not mean that cotton is necessarily the most logical choice. Wool offers a variety of features useful to a boot wearer that cotton does not. For instance, the added insulation allows a wearerís feet to lock in heat, even on the coldest of days. Considering that wearing boots causes a personís feet to sweat a bit more than other types of footwear, the extra insulation also allows for the sweaty smell to take longer to reach the boot.

Another reason that wool is ideal for boot usage is because of its thicker material. It is because of this thicker material that the friction and rubbing is greatly reduced, causing less of a chance that the wearer would acquire blisters or hot spots that are created by these factors. One of the greatest creations ever invented for any type of clothing material is the moisture wicking factor. This material allows less water or moisture inside, creating a dryer, more comfortable experience for its wearer, even in the wettest of circumstance or weather. This is a common material found in wool socks and one of the reasons that wool is the more proper choice when deciding what to place between boots and the feet to follow.