Belleville Boots

Review of the Belleville 790 ST Waterproof Steel Toe Flight Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: If you spend a lot of time on army aircraft, helicopters and combat vehicles, consider the Belleville 790 desert tan boot. It protects you from cold weather , moisture, bacterial contamination and burning and keeps your feet very comfortable. These boots combine the best features of sneakers and military boots for ultimate comfort and durability and add sealing for cold weather. They are lab tested for burn time.

Take it from Belleville, which has been manufacturing this footwear in America for a century. These boots are a bargain that lasts a long time. The gusseted tongue and GORE-TEX® fabric bootie repel water, even when it’s a matter of 5 inches of standing water. Get a grip with the VANGUARD® sole. You’ll find the added insoles a great comfort tool. These desert tan suede and nylon boots do wonders for your look. You’ll be happy with the price and the durability when the boots stick around for several years with adequate care.

KEY FEATURES: Flight approved for army aircraft, helicopters and combat vehicles based on the protection it offers from heat, the Belleville 790 boot is lab-tested for ultimate safety. It also keeps water and other kinds of liquids out while ridding your feet of perspiration, thanks to the innovative water-repellant GORE-TEX® fabric bootie. Whether cold or heat is an issue for your mission in the army, Bellevile has you covered with this 2.1-pound (33.5-ounce) boot choice.

These desert tan boots look great with your uniform with their top-grain suede and highly durable Cordura® ballistic nylon uppers that last for years. With an extra eyelet for a special lacing option, you can get extra grip down to your toes to make you feel more coordinated on shaky ground.

Be comfortable with the moderately padded, high compression, highly durable midsole that absorbs shock well or remove and replace the padding with a special orthotic. You can be confident in these boots too, because the VIBRAM® Sierra outsole’s customized lug design lets you move with excellent traction and gives you the ability to stop in any direction. You might have to navigate on rocky terrains or through oily streets, and you will able to get to your destination without falling, thanks to this very special design.

TRYING THESE ON: Picking the right size in these Belleville cold-weather boots is a matter of knowing how the sizes run and how the GORE-TEX® bootie insulation affects that sizing. The company’s boots typically run as much as a full size larger than your other footwear, but the padding takes that down to a half size. Belleville provides many different sock options to wear with these boots, but you might have others that work just as well on army aircraft, helicopters and combat vehicles. Pull the laces tightly, be sure you have enough room and see how comfortable it is to walk in them.

OVERALL: I'm definitely impressed with these boots. They're tough, made of high quality materials, well designed, well manufactured, and made in the USA. Hard to ask for more out of a sub $200 boot. There's a reason Belleville has been making boots for the military for over 100 years. For a cold weather waterproof winter boot, the Belleville 790 is a winner.

ABOUT BELLEVILLE: America’s longest operating military footwear supplier, Belleville, has been providing military boots for more than 100 years. In 1904 Belleville Shoe began near St. Lous with just one small factory. It garnered its first contract for military boots when World War I began. Ever since then Belleville has made top-quality footwear that answers the needs of military personnel in multiple branches. At the outset Belleville simply offered simple, high-value, durable shoes and boots and gave customers top-notch service.

Because the company wanted to provide the country’s military forces the most current footwear, it took pains to develop the technology that was to be an integral part of its well-liked and highly-praised boots. Utilizing the latest materials and production technology, Belleville makes boots that last a long time and perform well in really tough situations. While producing over a million pairs of military boots per year, Belleville has collected a variety of accolades from the U.S. government for its quality and character.

Having made sports shoes for Hall of Famer Stan Musial and others, Belleville puts running shoe designs into its combat boots to offer tremendous comfort while keeping up the wearer protection that has defined the company’s products. Many branches of the U.S. armed services now wear Belleville boots. This footwear also provides ruggedness and comfort to people in security, law enforcement and manufacturing occupations that need long hours of hard wearing quality.

- Brian