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Review of the Reebok RB8874 Side Zipper Composite Toe Duty Tactical Boot

INITIAL IMPRESSION & APPEARANCE: : If you need a boot that just keeps going and going for law enforcement, security patrols or SWAT teams, choose the one that gives you the best features in comfort, support and protection. The Reebok RB8690 Rapid Response Composite Toe Size Zip Black Boot provides the padding that cushions your feet during those long hours of patrol duty. It’s also one of the most supportive boots for people whose jobs have wreaked havoc on their feet.

These boots, which used to be part of a highly popular line made by Converse, are now produced by Reebok with the same insistence on high quality craftsmanship and top level design. They have remained very well liked by police and security forces. They appreciate the lightweight and supple outsole that does not restrict their movements when they are on duty. Additionally, the padding on the upper, tongue and collar get high marks for the maximum in comfort. The size zipper makes getting in and out of the boots much easier than lacing when it has to be quick.

For shock absorption, you can’t beat the EVA midsole. The composite toe on the Rapid Response boot allows you to kick through obstructions, avoid falling debris and minimize electrical dangers. There’s no metal in this boot, so you don’t have to worry about setting off X-ray devices in airports and other locations. Keep your feet squarely planted on the ground with this smooth black leather boot that feels as good as a running shoe.

KEY FEATURES: Reebok’s RB8690 Rapid Response Composite Toe Size Zip Black Boots are made of attractive black leather and nylon with double stitching. Keeping you cool and comfortable in hot weather, they are light in weight and long on flexibility. Performance, protection and comfort are the keys to these boots, which give you the support to walk your beat for hours. There are features like the padded tongue and collar, cradle-shaped midsole that keeps feet closer to the surface for added protection, removable insole for supporting the arch and stabilizing the heel for ultimate comfort and builtin shock eliminator.

The composite safety toe surpasses ASTM F2413-05 requirements, so it provides the most effective protection for precarious situations where there electrical issues and falling items. The totally metal-free boot lets you move through airports and other places where there are X-rays and other security devices.

This high-quality tactical footwear has a durable side zipper that lets you put it on and take it off in any location with speed and ease. Big, strong nylon teeth stay in great shape even when used very heavily. The zipper tab is topped with a Velcro keeper that prevents stray items from getting caught in the zipper apparatus. Tough-wearing nylon eyelets make lacing easy.

Reebok also has a proprietary Sure-Grip-Plus pattern on its outsole. That gives you maximum confidence when you have to be walking on oily, greasy, sandy or just plain dirty surfaces on your watch at any hour, knowing that you’ll have the ultimate in traction and resistance to falling.

TRYING THESE ON: Reebok makes its Rapid Response boots half a size bigger than normal street shoes, so start by trying on boots that are half a size smaller than what you would regularly choose. Wear the kind of socks that you might want to have on during your beat patrol. Make sure the boots are laced and zipped the way you would usually want them and then check out the fit by walking for a while. Pinch them at the front and at the sides to be sure they’re completely comfortable.

OVERALL: I'm definitely impressed with these boots. They're tough, made of high quality materials, well designed, well manufactured, and made in the USA. Hard to ask for more out of a sub $200 boot. There's a reason Belleville has been making boots for the military for over 100 years. For a cold weather waterproof winter boot, the Belleville 790 is a winner.

ABOUT REEBOK DUTY:Reebok means ruggedness, reputation, comfort and protection, especially with its RB Rapid Response boots. A longtime manufacturer of athletic shoes, Reebok now makes boots for people in law enforcement and security occupations too. These customized boots from this trusted company enable the utmost in comfort with features designed to keep you in action anywhere your work might take you for long, hard hours at a time. You can breathe easily on any kind of mission, and so can your feet. The popular, 30-ounce boots protect you from a variety of dangerous situations while keeping your feet supported and comfortable.

Two layers of compact rubber are firm and shock absorbing when your feet are literally pounding the pavement. Other features include outsoles with dual density, midsoles with EVA cushions, inserts that have dual density as well as shock-absorbent TPU stabilizers in the heels. These side-zipping boots with composite toes offer great support, protection and convenience. They look great, feel great and last a long time without a lot of maintenance.

- Brian